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Helmwood Veterinary Clinic


New Client Appointment Reservation Policy

Every client and every pet is very important to us. Whether it be a wellness exam, a sick pet appointment, or surgery, we pride ourselves in making time for all our patients.

Due to the limited number of appointment hours in a day, the high volume of requests, and the adverse effect that a "no show" has for other clients who need to schedule appointments for their pets, we have implemented this policy.

New Client Reservation Deposit

New clients are required to pay a $50 reservation deposit at the time of scheduling their first appointment. (Each pet scheduled requires its own reservation deposit.) The reservation deposit will be applied toward the first appointment's final bill. The reservation deposit is NON-refunadable. If rescheduled, the deposit will be applied to the rescheduled reservation The reservation deposit will be forfeited in the occurrence of a "no show" and/or cancellation.